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Standards in Public Life

This government has no standards. Not only has Boris Johnson changed the ministerial code to get away with his and his cronies rule breaking, but the government ignores the Nolan Principles which form the fundamental pillars of public service. While we couldn't comfort our loved ones, the Tories partied. While our businesses struggled, while our workers and the self-employed people couldn’t pay their bills and had no financial security the Tories gave PPE contracts to their friends. Is there any wonder people have lost faith in politics at all levels when this is the daily example the government sets.

My promise to everyone I represent is: 

  • I will be selfless, acting in your best interests.

  • I will conduct myself at all times with integrity, working for you, not the interests of big business.

  • I will be objective and base all my decisions on the evidence, not bias or vested interest.

  • I will be accountable and available to you through regular surgeries, email, phone, social media, and open to scrutiny

  • I will be honest and truthful at all times – sometimes I may do something which is unpopular, but I will always explain to you the reasons for making that decision and accept and respect your point of view. If I get something wrong I will apologise.

  • I will lead you by example and promote high standards of behaviour in everything I do. I will listen to you and support you in delivering for the best.

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What I stand for:

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