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Green Economy

We have a duty to protect our planet for the future. The move to net zero cannot be achieved without radical change. This challenge brings with it opportunity for us locally and regionally, with each community across the country facing different challenges and having the potential to create unique opportunities. Yorkshire and the Humber for example is ideally placed for new energy generation opportunities. And those opportunities will benefit everyone through the production of local, green energy as we transition from fossil fuels and reliance on foreign producers. 

I support the growth and development of the green economy, and will work with industry and local authorities to deliver the infrastructure needed, from electric vehicle charging points, to waste solutions including tackling food waste (which if it were a country would be the third biggest emitter of green house gases), to local food production reducing the miles our produce travels, challenging supermarkets on purchasing algorithms, exploring affordable solar panel schemes to help ordinary people and helping them make the lifestyle changes needed to help us all play our part. 

Protecting our environment for the future of everyone is the biggest challenge a future Labour government will face. I am ready for this battle and will bring the work I’ve started locally in North Herts on effective community led climate strategies to the national stage to serve all our people. 

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What I stand for:

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